1. Themes of the conference

    - The events policies of cities in all their dimensions (cultural, sports, corporate events, etc.)

    - Assessments of the impacts of different kinds of events on tourism and more broadly on economic activities and employment

    - The risks and security issues associated with the population concentrations that the events imply

    - Conflicts related to events and tourism in public spaces

    - The difficulties associated with hosting tourists during major events and mega-events, especially in terms of housing; - issues related to the COVID-19 pandemia and more broadly to sanitary issue, which affect currently events and mega-events, host cities and the possible solutions

    - Issues related to transport, mobility and logistics during events and in particular mega-events (reorganization of human and freight flows, management of pedestrian pathways, establishment of reserved lanes, etc.) including the issue of accessibility for people with disabilities

    - The interactions between image and territorial marketing around mega-events.

    Duration of presentations: presentations will last 15 to 20 minutes depending on the sessions.

    Post-congress publications: At the end of the conference, several selections of papers will be reviewed for possible publication with :

    Journal of convention & Event tourism (https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/wcet20/current)

    The journal Marketing Territorial (http://publis-shs.univ-rouen.fr/rmt/)

    The journal Via Tourisme Review (https://journals.openedition.org/viatourism/)

    The journal City & Tourism Journal ISTE Editions

    Fr.  http://www.openscience.fr/Cite-et-tourisme

    An. http://www.openscience.fr/City-and-Tourism?lang=en

  1. City, Events, Mega-events and Tourism

    This third conference of the Observatory of Research on Mega-Events (ORME) at the University Gustave Eiffel is organized under the auspices of the AsTRES Association, a network of universities and higher-education and research institutions specializing in research and training on the theme of tourism and in partnership with the City, Tourism, Transport, and Territory group within the Urban Futures laboratory of excellence (LabEx).

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  2. Date et heure
    1. 25/05/2021 at 14:00
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  3. Organizer
  4. Practical infos
        • Date: The conference will begin on Tuesday 25 May and will end on Thirday 27 May 2021.
        • The event will be held on Internet
        • Registration is open until Friday, May 7.
        All the practical information (detailed program, url, etc.) will be communicated to you in the near future
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      • Terms and conditions

        The fees for the event are as follows:

        - Normal rate (Teachers-researchers, professionals, institutions): 30 € (including taxes)

        - Doctoral students presenting their research: 20 € (including taxes)

        - Students and PhD students from AsTRES member universities: Free 


        The terms of reimbursement are as follows:

        - If the organizers cancel the conference, the participant will be reimbursed in full.

        - University Gustave EIFFEL cannot be held responsible for the interruption or cancellation of the conference due to external events such as political, social, transport, economic or public health strikes or other events beyond their control (force majeure).

        - No refunds will be made unless agreed upon by the conference organizing committee.


        The terms of payment are as follows:

        - Individual registrations paid by credit card through the website www.linscription.com