For each USB key ordered, you are entitled to get access to a free training seminar, in the presence of Professor Lakicevic (given in English but simultaneously translated into French) on a quarterly basis. This seminar will take place either as a local conference or as a webinar, and will be recorded for you for a further access later.

You have two options for ordering by credit card:

Order of one (1) unique Bioshield USB key: € 312 (Euros)

Order three (3) Bioshield USB keys at once: € 892 (Euros)

If you live in Switzerland, the VAT is 7.7% and the delivery costs are covered in the price.

If you live outside of Switzerland, the delivery costs are € 10 and you will have to pay the import and VAT costs of your respective country in addition.

Prices may have to change depending on exchange rates.

Next webinar dates (free for Bioshield key holders), to register, follow the link on your order confirmation email.
Welcome to the Bioshield key shop ! Countries outside of Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the European community (EEC).
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